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Ready for Action: 5 Steps You Can Take to Bring Your Ideas to Life


Here is a simple, but effective method for determining and assigning next steps—before leaving an idea generation session. We call it The “5-A’s” Idea Implementation Process.

The 5-A’s Idea Implementation Process is an effective, top-line approach for ensuring that your ideas move forward in a positive and productive way, increasing the odds that they survive the journey from concept to new reality. This planner will help you clarify the five steps in the process: Act, Assess, Assign, Agree, and Activate.

When you and your team go through each step, in sequence, you will significantly increase the odds that you will actually bring your ideas to life.

Step 1—Act: Foster an Action-Oriented Attitude: Procrastination is a mindset; so is being proactive! By establishing and nurturing an environment where everyone values and demonstrates an action-oriented attitude, you’ll accomplish much more in less time. What can you do every day to ensure that your team is enthusiastic and motivated to take action? How can you more effectively inspire them?

Step 2—Assess: Size Up the Big Picture; Then Break It Down into Action Steps: Quickly determine what it’s going to take to bring your idea to life. What is the scope of the project in terms of time, complexity, and resources? What skills/capabilities are necessary? What adjustments need to be made to existing responsibilities and schedules to ensure the team has the time and attention necessary? What subprojects make up the overall project? Identify major milestones, then individual tasks. By getting a handle on what actually has to be done, you’ll be one step closer to doing it.

Step 3—Assign: Establish Specific Roles, Responsibilities, and Deliverables: Teams are made up of individuals, and ultimately it will be the work done by each participating member that will lead to successful outcomes. Who is the very best person to assign to each task, based on their talents, skills, and individual traits? How can you best support them in their work, with resources, scheduling, assistants, etc.?

Step 4—Agree: Create Team Alignment and Personal Accountability: It is critically important that everyone collaborating on any project be on the same page. Everyone needs to understand and accept responsibilities, expectations, due dates, and so on. What is the best way to quickly establish agreement about specific timelines and deliverables? How can you most effectively create a sense of accountability, where everyone accepts responsibility to do their tasks well and deliver them on time?

Step 5—Activate: Pull the Trigger; Make It Happen: This is the action part of the action steps – actually doing it. All-too-often we get caught up in the planning and evaluating stages and unnecessarily delay actually getting started. As someone once said, the best way to start is to start. What needs to happen to get the project started today? What is the first step that must take place, and who is going to do it, now?

Hopefully, you can see how taking these five simple (but often skipped) steps will help you and your team to quickly take action and bring your ideas to life.

And for large, complex projects, you simply repeat the process. Once you get to Step 5 and “pull the trigger,” you go back to Step 1 to keep motivation and activity high; then proceed to Step 2 and re-assess your progress and what comes next; go on to Step 3 to assign new tasks; etc.

Your best, most innovative ideas are worth nothing if they never see the light of day. You owe it to yourself, your team, your organization, and to your ideas, to do everything you can to turn your best thinking into real world realities.

As Pablo Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Are you ready for action?

Sumber : Keith Harmeyer & Mitchell Rigie. https://www.linkedin.com. Feb 4, 2016

Fri, 12 Feb 2016 @15:29

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